22nd Jun 2020

A small fleet of powered trolleys were recently sent into Legoland Windsor for use with replenishing Coca Cola Products throughout the 61 hectare site. The Project lead on site felt that asking staff to move 500kg of drinks around the uneven site taking loads up slopes to stores was too much of a risk. After assessment, it felt that the risks involved in this job being carried out with purely manual equipment was far too great a risk.

Powered Trolley with Coca Cola Branding

The Legoland H&S team identified Handle-iT as the UK’s No 1 Manufacturer of these products throughout the UK and Europe, and after 6 months of negotiations on the final specification to include all the whistles and bells regarding health and safety on site the trolleys were built and delivered to site. This pimped up platform truck featured fully removable side panels, a full set of amber safety beacons, fully programmable, speed, acceleration, and braking functions, as well as a set of branded water proof covers, colour matched audible warning buzzers. Finally the trolleys were finished in a sleek epoxy powder coated black frame to offset the covers, ensuring a beautiful finish to a beautiful job.

Powered Trolleys with Coca Cola Branded Covers