25th Sep 2020

A new option now available for most trolleys in our range is the new heavy duty reinforced plastic bases.

Recycled Plastic Base

These bases are made using recycled plastic and are an incredibly versatile all-round trolley base. The board is given a non-slip grain finish designed to reduce and prevent lateral movement of loads on the trolley when in use.

The plastic is also waterproof, making this a perfect base for outdoor or wet environments. While this is a hard plastic, it is also impact resistant, meaning it will stay ridged when loaded but any impacts on its surface will leave little to no marks. Being recycled plastic, this base is also extremely long lasting.

Most importantly, this base is great for the environment as it reuses plastic that would otherwise go to waste. If you're looking to be carbon neutral, this is the base for you!

If you'd like more information, contact the team on 01803 875 222, or email sales@handle-it.com.

Trolley with Recycled Base