2nd Jul 2020

New to our range is the freshly designed Tote Pan Lifter, perfect for safely lifting and moving tote pans with no manual lifting required! Tote Pan lifting trolley with heavy load The tote pan lifter has two parallel rails that fit comfortably either side of a tote pan, and with the use of a lever system the tote pan is raised off the ground. This allows the user to easily push the trolley to the desired location, and once more use the lever to lower the tote pan gently to the ground. Because the lever uses a 4-point lifting system the tote pan is kept level on lift, keeping the risk of small items falling out at a minimum. Tote Pan Lifter Because this tote pan lifter is currently a made to order item it can be made to lift any size of box, can be finished in any colour, and is also available with a range of wheel types to cover all environments.

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