16th Nov 2022

Efficient handling is crucial to many industries, and this is especially true for airports. Finding a reliable, efficient, and cost effective solution can help reduce spend, save time, and reduce the hassle of transporting luggage, goods, and cargo on the ground.

A Little About Us at Handle-iT

With our main offices based on the UK’s sunny south coast of Devon, Handle-iT designs, manufactures, and supplies trolleys, hand trucks and carts all over the world. We have the facilities to manufacture any quantity of trolleys from 1 to 10,001 and beyond,

Airport Luggage Carts

Stack of Airport Trolleys

We believe every airport needs a reliable but affordable airport trolley, and we have developed a range of trolleys to cover a variety of common requirements. The popular 3 wheeled aluminium airport trolley from our Trafficker range features 3 high quality wheels with smooth rolling bearings, ensuring a great ride with far less maintenance and provides a 200kg UDL capacity. The sophisticated reverse break (also known as a deadman brake) uses reliable breaking rods that link the handle to the wheels, locking the wheels of the trolley until the operator uses the handle.

Porters Luggage Handling

Porters Trolley

We have a range of porters trolleys and trailers for any scale, with simple manual push trolleys to electric motorised equivalents, as well as larger industrial towed luggage trailers.

Electric Handling Solutions

Airport Tow Tug

With greater developments in technology and increased requirements for employee wellbeing, powered trolleys can increase productivity while saving you time and money. Handle-iTs range of HIPOW electric trolleys come in many forms. Motorised airport tugs are used for relocating and redistributing airport trolleys, allowing a single operator to handle a stack of up to 20 trolleys at a time with ease. Our powered flatbed trolleys are extremely versatile, available in the standard 500kg version, or the new 1000kg capacity Turntable version

We’re hoping to keep you informed on new equipment as well as offer tips and guidance on health and safety, trolley maintenance, and more.