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Explorer Range

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Airside Duty Free Shopping Trolleys make the duty free shopping experience at your facility care-free. Constructed from high quality stainless steel, this sexy, sleek, and curvaceous Airside Cart reduces the risks of left shopping bags and hand luggage due to the large under basket stowage area. This fully exposed platform allows more than one hand baggage item to be stored away easily, maximising space in the trolley and increasing the average spend per passenger and ensuring a sustainable future for your concessionaires.

The large two side closed advertising panels, allow you to either promote your customer message, or achieve revenue from advertising your concessionaires, while the PA6 UV, impact, and wear resistant bumpers not only protect your facility from impact damage, but moreover will not marks wall and bump rails, ensuring the airport and the trolley remain sexy and functional for years to come.

Lightweight, manoeuvrable and designed for use in busy areas, the trolley has a very small footprint, which also saves storage space. As well as this, the trolley is also silent running due to its high quality castor configuration. The airside duty free shopping trolley is truly a great addition to your facility, benefiting all stakeholders.


Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Height:
Wheel Diameter:
Wheel Configuration:
4x Swivel
Basket Dimensions:
400mm x 425mm x 360mm
Ad Panel:
340mm x 375mm

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