Tile Rack Trolleys for Mandarin Stone

Handle-iT was recently approached by Mandarin Stone to produce some bespoke trolleys for tile storage with an integrated heating system used to set the tiles.

Mandarin Stone

The heated tile rack trolleys were fully enclosed and insulated, allowing the fitting of a powered heater in the base to maintain heat within the trolley. This allowed quick and efficient setting of the tiles with minimal handling requirements between storage, trolleys, and into an oven that would usually consume time, efficiency, and increases risk of damage to the product.

Tile Rack Trolley

With capacity for up to 48 rows of tiles, each trolley has removable tile racks to suit a range of tile sizes. Thanks to the heavy duty aluminium castors, the trolley boasts a high load capacity, ensuring safe use with high volumes of tiles. Each tile rack sits into a shelf within the insulated cabinet, and once loaded the integrated heater can be turned on. The integrated heater is powered by a simple 3 pin wall socket, so can be powered anywhere with a standard UK plug. Thanks to the insulated cladding, the cabinet reaches optimal temperature within a few minutes, significantly reducing the time for the tiles to set. 

Tile Racks inside heated tile rack trolley


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