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The Powered Stair Climbing Sack Truck is a powerful tool designed to make traversing stairs with heavy loads easy with the use of its built in electric battery powered motor. Providing vast improvement to health and safety, the Powered Stair Climbing Sack Truck reduces the risk of injury and improves productivity drastically, making your workplace safer and more efficient. 

Overall Width:
Overall Height:
Wheel Diameter:
Wheel Type:
Pneumatic / Polyurethane

There is no maintenance checklist for this product.
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Product Code Wheel Type: Capacity: Weight: Current Stock: Price (Ex. VAT)
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-110-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 110kg 20kg In Stock £2,684.00
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-140-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 140kg 20kg In Stock £2,804.00
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-170-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 170kg 20kg In Stock £2,934.00
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-110-PU 110kg Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 20kg In Stock £2,804.00
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-140-PU Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 140kg 20kg In Stock £2,924.00
HI-LFKR-SAL-FOLD-170-PU Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 170kg 20kg In Stock £3,054.00

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