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This order picking trolley is designed as highly mobile tiered storage for industry standard 400mm x 600mm boxes making it perfect for use as a mobile picking and/or packing station as well as a range of other uses. The frame is made of a heavy duty steel box-section, giving it a large amount of strength and making it extremely sturdy and resistant to damage.

This particular trolley has 3 shelves, and has a number of options for the style of these shelves. 18mm Weatherproof Ply is a tried and tested base, perfect for almost any situation. Its durable, sturdy, and gives the trolley a clean finish. For our plastic shelves we use a high impact 6mm polypropylene, ideal for clean environments that need an easy to clean surface. Our extra heavy duty option is 4.5mm aluminium checkerplate, with an incredibly strong material that's also easy to clean and extremely difficult to damage.

The trolley can also be be made to your specific requirements. Simply email sales@Handle-iT.com or call our sales team for more information.

Safety Yellow (RAL 1003)
Chassis Material:
Internal Width:
Overall Width:
Internal Length:
1210mm / 810mm
Standard Shelf Spacing:

There is no maintenance checklist for this product.
If you have any questions regarding care, please contact us.

Product Code Size: Shelf Type: Weight: Current Stock: Price (Ex. VAT)
HI-MFST-08-3S-0860-O 800mm x 600mm Open Frame 35kg In Stock £314.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-0860-PLY 800mm x 600mm 18mm WBP Ply Shelves 35kg In Stock £344.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-0860-PLS 800mm x 600mm 4.5mm Plastic Shelves 35kg In Stock £394.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-0860-ALY 800mm x 600mm 3mm Aluminium Shelves 35kg In Stock £579.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-1260-O Open Frame 1200mm x 600mm 35kg In Stock £394.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-1260-PLY 1200mm x 600mm 18mm WBP Ply Shelves 35kg In Stock £434.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-1260-PLS 1200mm x 600mm 4.5mm Plastic Shelves 35kg In Stock £519.00
HI-MFST-08-3S-1260-ALY 1200mm x 600mm 3mm Aluminium Shelves 35kg In Stock £739.00

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