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Need something made to YOUR requirements?

Handle-iT offers a design & manufacture facility in our own factory here at Devon, where we can manage the whole process.

We provide efficient, cost effective, risk reducing results.

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Our Company Philosophy "Our Customer Should Say Our Name With A Smile On Their Face"
Handle-iT is currently servicing nearly 7000 customers, in The UK, Europe, The Middle East and The Asia Pacific Rim, our aim, is to ensure that our customers say our name with a smile on their face. As one happy customer will tell another and good news will spread. Long term this will ensure that our company will continue its steady growth. Whether your company is Fred in A Shed Ltd who will buy one trolley, or whether you are De Walt, Mathew Clarke, Bookers, Hermes, Carlsberg or any of our blue chip customers, you all deserve the same high level of customer service that our company demand. If you feel we have let you down and therefore ourselves, email md@handle-it.com, this email address is direct to our managing director and he will respond to you personally within the hour.


Our Customer Service Philosophy "Quality Price Service Advice"
 - Quality is not just in here for quality of the products that we supply, as this would be misleading, some of the products that we supply are at the cheaper end of the market. But everything that we try to do is aimed towards trying to increase the quality of product, service and advice, this will help ensure that our dedicated sales team are offering the correct quality product for the application. Therefore for our sales team to mis-sell a high end quality product for a job that doesn't require it, will not be accepted.


Price - Our sales staff are instructed and trained to help you find a product that will work in your application at a price to suit your budget, now we won't always succeed, but if they can they will help point you in the direction of someone who can help you.


Service - We strongly believe that there isn't anyone better in our industry when it comes to our service, whether that be our the sales team that help you decide which is the best equipment for the job. Our logistic and Warehousing Team, that ensure all of our products are assembled and in the correct working order for dispatch. The dispatch Team that ensure the goods are not only presented in the correct manner, but will arrive with you in the condition that you expect. Or Deliveries via the UK's no 1 delivery company Night Freight.


Advice - With over 40 years experience in product handling and Health and Safety, we are in a great position to be able to offer our knowledge in the products that will help you move your goods, in a fast efficient and safe manner, from a drawing pin on a production line through to a 40' shipping container, we can and will help, even if the job demands a product that we can't or don't supply, we will still help with advice as to who you can speak to and where would be the best place for you to consider purchasing based on your procurement remit.

Again if you feel we haven't been helpful then again please feel free to contact our managing director email: md@handle-it.com.


Project Work - We are the only people in the UK that have the facilities to Advise, Design, Prototype and with using our factory facilities either here or in the Far East are able to satisfy your requirements whether you are looking for a bespoke one off unit or whether you are needing thousands. Your project manager will be there from start to finish, even to the point of quality controlling the manufacture in the Far East and personally visiting the factory to ensure it's 100% perfect.


Our Commitment To Our Society - Handle-iT is a business, so our primary function is to achieve a growing profitable company that is both secure as a business, but also as an employer. However this does not mean that we should trample on all and sundry to achieve this aim,  In Fact we strive to help all local community groups, NGO’s and charities, to that end if you feel that your organisation applies to this theory, then we will try our hardest to help you. It has been known that our boss will even have a happy day (although infrequent.....) and give you equipment for FREE.