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This Powered Sack Truck With Powered Tilt Back features an industrial frame that can carry up to 400kg. The electric powered tilting system allows the operator to tilt back the load to a comfortable and balanced operating position with next to no physical input. Furthermore, the heavy duty powered drive system powers the load along with ease, allowing the operator to easily move the trolley with very little effort or no.

Electric Tilting

The powered tilt-back system uses an electric screwfeed to either tilt back or tilt forward the load, allowing easy loading and offloading of goods. To retain the load, the frame features a built in ratchet strap, enabling quick, easy, and safe securing of the load before tilt and transport.

Electric Drive Wheels

To assist with moving the load, the trolley features a pair of motorised non marking drive wheels. The drive wheels are easily controlled via the simple joy stick on the main control interface on the handle of the sack truck, and provide an amazing level of control for the operator. The wheels also have an automatic electro-mechanical braking system that applies the brakes if the controls are released. This same brake system also applies for inclines, meaning that the sack truck wont escape the operator when descending a slope. Alternatively, in the event of the operator slipping and losing a hand hold of the truck the unit and load will come to an immediate yet controlled stop. 

Stair Climber Training

We are now offering on-site stair climber operation training for anywhere in the UK. To arrange training, please contact sales@handle-it.com, or call +44 (0)1803 875 222.

Overall Width:
Overall Height:
Wheel Diameter:
Wheel Type:
Pneumatic Solid Tyre

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