EDUK8 Classroom Storage Trolley | 21 Trays

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Product Code: HI-EK8-3S-NB

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EDUK8 Classroom Storage Trolley | 21 Trays

Product Code: HI-EK8-3S-NB


The EDUK8 School Storage Trolley has been specifically designed for schools and nurseries, with a completely modular design to provide all the options you need to fit any classroom for any age range. Mounted on high quality castors, these storage trolleys are easy to move, and thanks to the locking brakes they can be parked in place with ease.

The premium quality storage trays are available in a wide range of colours and feature a range of benefits. Designed for school use, the trays are moulded from shatterproof' High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), designed to prevent splintering if damaged. The trays also feature a sophisticated ‘Glide and Tilt’ system which allows the trays to be safely locked when pulled out, allowing the user to use two hands to easily access the contents of the tray. Also, these trays are easily stackable, making easy bulk storage or carrying of empty trays. There are also a number of extras available for the storage trays including lids, infill trays, and an insert for name tags, allowing easy labelling trays when required. The trays are available in single, double, triple, and quad depths, so the trolleys can be supplied with the exact trays to match your requirements. The trolley is compatible with trays from other leading manufacturers and can be supplied without trays.  

Tray Spec: Small Tray
Tray Spec: Medium Tray
Tray Spec: Large Tray
Tray Spec: Huge Tray

If you require coloured frames, please contact the sales team on 01803 875 222 for availability.

Item Measurement
Length 1078mm
Width 432mm
Height 1030mm
Box Capacity
Wheel Size 100mm
Wheel Type 4 Swivel 2 with Brake

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