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The innovative design of the EDUK8 School Tray Storage Trolley makes it the perfect solution for schools and nurseries, and all classrooms and age range are catered for. Premium quality, smooth running castors allow the trolley to be effortlessly moved, and the robust brake system allows the trolley to be rigidly fixed in position.

Storage Trays

The sturdy trays are made from shatterproof' High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) material is well suited to the school environment and does not splinter when damaged and can be supplied in a wide range of colours. The ‘Glide and Tilt’ system is a clever feature that allows the trays to be safely locked when pulled out, allowing the user to use two handed access to the trays contents. Also, these trays are easily stackable, making easy bulk storage or carrying of empty trays. There are also a number of extras available for the storage trays including lids and infill trays, and an insert for name tags, allowing easy labelling trays when required. Single, double, triple, and quad depth trays are available, and we can supply any combination of trays to meet your needs. Other leading manufacturers trays can be used and if required we can supply the trolleys without trays.

Quality Frame Construction

Made right here in the UK, the frame of the trolley is constructed using steel box section for increased strength and longevity. The frame is also given a high quality powdercoat paint finish that's highly resistant to marks and scratches as well as providing a protective layer to prevent rust. Handles are also an option, allowing easier handling of the trolley for taller operators.

Branding and Labelling

The plastic panelling in each side of the trolley is great for branding and labelling. Whether you want your own logos and designs, to label the contents of the trolley on the side for easier sorting, add room numbers, or more, contact the team today.

Replacement Trays

Tray Spec: Small Tray
Tray Spec: Medium Tray
Tray Spec: Large Tray
Tray Spec: Huge Tray

Bespoke Modification

If you require coloured frames, please contact the sales team on 01803 875 222 for availability.

Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Height:
Wheel Diameter:
Wheel Configuration:
2x Swivel, 2x Braked Swivel
Hospital Grey (RAL 7040)

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Product Code Tray Configuration (Per Column): Weight: Current Stock: Price (Ex. VAT)
HI-EK8-1S-NO No Trays 15kg Currently Unavailable £179.00
HI-EK8-1S-71 7 Small Trays 15kg In Stock £179.00
HI-EK8-1S-3122 3 Small Trays + 2 Medium Trays 15kg In Stock £179.00
HI-EK8-1S-2213 2 Medium Trays + 1 Large Tray 15kg In Stock £174.00
HI-EK8-1S-24 2 Huge Trays 15kg In Stock £174.00

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