ULD Container Dolly Trailer
| LD1/2/3 | 1600kg Capacity

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Product Details


This container dolly is designed for loading of standard ULD containers of classes LD1, LD2, and LD3. The industrial frame is fitted with zinc-loaded rollers to allow easier and more efficient loading and offloading of loads.

Industrial Construction

Constructed using high quality galvanised steel, this industrial trailer is built to last in the harshest of conditions. With a reinforced chassis, the dolly can support up to 1600kg, 

Towing Functionality

These trailers have a dully functional towing boom, allowing easy repositioning around site. They also feature a towing pin, allowing a number of the trailers to be pulled in a line. 


Item Measurement
Capacity 1600 kg
Overall Length 3650 mm
Overall Height 560 mm
Overall Width 1630 mm
Base Height 510 mm
Platform Dimensions
1920mm x 1630mm
Container Classes
LD1, LD2, and LD3



Product Code Title Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-CD-AE02 Default Title £9,404.00


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