Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher

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Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher:
Management of airport trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your airport trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover very difficult to physically move. With your facilities staff moving 5 or 10 safely by hand, where is your safe limit of trolleys to manage safely in a stack? Not only are they heavy to push, but more importantly they are awkward to move. Push too many and the stack snakes, move too few and it becomes inefficient.

Handle-iT's all new powered pusher or puller provides a safe, smooth and efficient solution. No more near misses when you lose control of the stack, no more damage to the facility, no more days off from back ache, and less staff turnover as the job is made easier. This electric tug has been specifically designed to work safely and cleanly inside or out.

Driven by a Clean E Powered Solution and fitted with a state-of-the-art Curtis controller, the tug can be programmed to your own fine requirements. Options include Increasing or decreasing the auto brake settings, the acceleration, and speed of the unit. The Eddy Electromagnetic braking system offers safety and efficiency, which regenerates power back into the battery, maximising the longevity of the battery life. The Multi-functional control panel offers both status information and control at your fingertips.

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Item Measurement
Capacity 20 long stack or 1000kg Push
Length 1495mm
Width 675mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Motorised Pneumatic Tyres

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Handle-iT's Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher is supplied with a 12 Month Warranty for the electronics 5 Year Warranty for the chassis

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