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Introducing our Electric Powered Ride-On Tow Tug, a compact and powerful solution meticulously crafted to streamline warehouse operations by effortlessly towing other trolleys. Designed with precision and practicality in mind, this ride-on tow tug is your ideal companion for efficient and effective material handling.

Equipped with a robust electric power system, this tow tug ensures reliable and consistent performance, allowing you to effortlessly move laden trolleys throughout your warehouse. The compact design allows for easy manoeuvrability even in tight spaces, providing a versatile solution for your material transport needs.

Enhancing workplace safety, our ride-on tow tug features a comprehensive safety light system and a distinctive horn. The safety lights serve as a visual signal, alerting others to the presence of the tow tug and its towed load. The horn adds an extra layer of communication, ensuring a secure and coordinated working environment.

Operate with confidence using the intuitive control system, allowing for precise and responsive handling. The deadman brake system further enhances safety by automatically locking the wheels when the operator disengages the controls, preventing any unintended movement during operation.

Invest in efficiency, reliability, and safety with our Electric Ride-On Tow Tug. Elevate your warehouse material handling processes by effortlessly towing trolleys, and experience the convenience of a well-designed, purpose-built solution for your logistical needs.

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