Power-Assisted Cage Trolley with Shelves

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Product Code: HI-POW-FSC2TT-1370

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Power-Assisted Cage Trolley with Shelves

Product Code: HI-POW-FSC2TT-1370

This power assisted cage trolley has a lockable full security cage surround with internal shelves. Designed as a parcel cage trolley, this platform truck is highly mobile and easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to the lockable side-opening doors, this trolley is extremely popular for internal distribution of post and/or sensitive information. The user has quick access to content on either shelf, which are designed to comfortably fit industry standard 400mm x 600mm boxes side by side.

The powered motor system has a range of safety features included, such as a reversing audio beacon, adjustable speed, an emergency stop button, as well as a dead man braking system that locks the motor wheels when the throttle is released. The motor has a 24km range on average ground conditions, and the rechargeable battery is supplied with an easy to use plug-and-charge unit that can be fitted into any UK wall socket. The battery is also replaceable, and spares are available on request.

The trolley also has a number of optional extras available, such as key card or keyless entry in place of the standard key locking system, non marking corner bumpers (as seen in product photos), amber flashing safety beacons (as seen in product photos), non-marking wheels for internal use, and more. For availability and pricing of these optional extras, please contact the team.

Item Measurement
Capacity 500KG
Bed Length 1300mm / 1700mm
Usable Length 1260mm / 1660mm
Bed Width 700mm
Usable Width 675mm
Colour Yellow as standard or your choice
Wheels 2 x Solid Swivel, 2 x 254mm Pneumatic
Chassis Warranty 5 Years
Electronics Warranty 12 Months

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