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Power Trolley

At Handle-iT we understand the importance of both productivity and health and safety, so why would we expect you to be moving heavy loads up hills and down dales when we have the power to help you? Power assisted trolleys are essential in some environments for safely moving heavy loads.

Risk assess a few simple questions and the answer will be obvious. 

Power Trolley - Flatbed

Are we moving load on a constant basis?

Are the loads in excess of 300kg?

Do we operate trolleys over uneven surfaces of gradients?

Powered Trolley Control Unit

Do we have staff with disabilities operating trolleys?

Are our operators fatigued by arduous shift patterns?

You are in total control, with thyristor speed control, the more pressure you put on the speed control the faster the trolley will move, reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly. Fitted with a 'deadman' brake in case of the operator releasing a moving trolley, and ab emergency stop button which disengages the trucks power system when depressed.

Power Trolley Control Unit

If you can not argue the point for the necessity on health and safety grounds, then productivity benefits will. Rather than using a great deal of energy to shift items, with a power trolley heavy loads can be moved with only a twist of the wrist.

For even more finite control the Trolley-Power Range is fitted with a maximum and minimum speed setting allowing the operator to set the speed before moving. Fitted with a battery discharge indicator as standard to avoid ever unexpectedly running out of charge, and an audio reverse alarm for safe manoeuvring. To reduce fatigue on the operator even further, these units are fitted with comfi-grip foam padded handles.

Power Trolley Motor

Motorised platform trucks and trolleys reduce the fatigue endured by operators working hard and long shifts. It's a well known fact that fatigue will make an employee 69% less productive than workers who are not worn out. With these workers losing up to 5.5 hours per working week in productivity, this would cost (on the minimum wage for a 21 year old) over £1500 per year.

Two Tier Powered Trolleys

The Trolley-Power units system can be fitted to almost every trolley in our made to order range (excluding turntable trolleys) and maintain a 500kg load capacity. All chassis for the Power-Trolley range come with a 5 year warranty while the power units and drive system are supplied with a 12 month warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Lifting Workbench Trolley
Motorised Full Security Cage Trolley

Rubber bumper strips can be fitted to all of our trolley range, this high density non marking rubber sits around the whole perimeter of the trolley to reduce damage to the trolley itself and your premises. Also, if what you are transporting is of high value or a sensitive nature, then look to a fully enclosed box trolley. You can't see what is inside the trolley and with the hasp and staple, you can secure the load inside the trolley reducing any inquisitive eyes, or just by keeping the load locked away. At Handle-iT We take security very seriously, also offering a lock and key solution, or even a keyless entry system.

Power Trolley with Gate

Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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