Sandwich Trolley

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Product Code: HI-36-FDT-950610-C2T3B6-PN

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Sandwich Trolley

Product Code: HI-36-FDT-950610-C2T3B6-PN


This easy to use sandwich trolley is perfect for storage of food container boxes. While the trolley was originally designed as a mobile sandwich cart, its suitable for storing any packaged food. The trolley features wheels in a diamond configuration for high manoeuvrability and stability over uneven ground, making it perfect for traversing uneven streets and kerbs. There is also an option for a cover for the trolley, giving it more protection from the weather and allowing for custom branding. The cover also has roll up sides allowing easy access to the trolley when out and about, and with total stop brake the trolley can be parked up and used for service on the go.. 

As we manufacture this product, we can make any modifications you may require. If you have a specific size of storage box already in use, we can build the trolley to suit, and all you need to give us are the dimensions! We can also offer additional extras such as a mounting point for a menu, or a cash station, or even a flag pole for you to fly your own branding high above a crowd. If you can picture your perfect trolley, chances are we can most likely make it!

Item Measurement
Capacity 300KG
Bed Length Large: 1355mm
Small: ~950mm
Bed Width 610mm
Overall Height 1230mm
Box Capacity 6, 9, or 12
400mm x 600mm Boxes
Wheel Size 254mm wheels
Wheel Type Pneumatic or Polyurethane

Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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