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Product Details


This School Storage Tray is designed for storage of essential storage supplies with easy access. The standard size is made to suit A4 files, however there are a range of sizes available. This jumbo size is the largest available, offering the largest space for storage of paper, books, files, and equipment. The box is also available in a range of colours, and can be supplied with lids, infills and name badges.


Item Measurement
Overall Length 425 mm
Overall Height 300 mm
Overall Width 312 mm
Internal Height
Internal Width 280mm
Internal Length


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Product Code Color Style Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-K8-SST-4-BLUE Blue No Lid £19.00
HI-K8-SST-4-LID-BLUE Blue With Lid £29.00
HI-K8-SST-4-RED Red No Lid £19.00
HI-K8-SST-4-LID-RED Red With Lid £29.00
HI-K8-SST-4-GREEN Green No Lid £19.00
HI-K8-SST-4-LID-GREEN Green With Lid £29.00
HI-K8-SST-4-YELLOW Yellow No Lid £19.00
HI-K8-SST-4-LID-YELLOW Yellow With Lid £29.00
HI-K8-SST-4-GREY Grey No Lid £19.00
HI-K8-SST-4-LID-GREY Grey With Lid £29.00


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