14th Dec 2018

Are you a van or lorry driver looking for something to save both your time and your back? This guide is here to help you find the right trolley for you or your company. The right tool for the right job.

Tough as Nails

Folding Footplate Sack Truck

Need something that can take a beating? Want something that will last forever? The HI1890 Sack Truck Range can easily cover your needs and more. With a large variety of options available, the traditional style of sack truck is the most common, and like the rest of the HI1890 range, boasts a capacity of 300kg. As well as this, a number of upgrades are available such as a folding toeplate, polyurethane puncture proof wheels, or a variety of different frames, handles or footplates to suit your needs.

Sack Trucks on a Budget

Folding Sack Truck

As one of the more compact sack trucks, the folding toe sack truck takes up very little space and, due to its lightweight frame, can be easily be lifted up and down off of larger delivery vehicles. With a sturdy capacity of 160kg, this sack truck can easily handle the average load.

Versatile and Reliable

Professional Aluminium Sack Truck

One of the most common sack trucks seen on delivery vans and lorries is the Professional Aluminium Sack Truck. Due to its aluminium frame, the sack truck is extremely light, while still having a capacity of 120kg. This sack truck is also one of the few available with stair skids as standard, allowing easy movement up or down stairs or steps that will often be in your path.

Quality Assured

Magliner Sack Truck

If you're looking for the best, Magliner is the place to look. With their tough aluminium frames, Magliners can be some of the toughest yet lightest sack trucks around and have a capacity up to 220kg. Similar to the HI1890 range, Magliners have a modular design and can be built to your requirements from a variety of different frames, handles and footplates. They may come with a high price tag, but Magliner sack trucks certainly live up to their reputation.

Compact and Lightweight

Compact Collapsible Sack TruckFolding Van Sack Truck

As one of the smallest pieces of kit we sell, the Folding Sack Truck (also known as the Portable Van Sack Truck) is one of the most compact and lightweight sack trucks on the market. It may only have a capacity of 90kg, but this model is the perfect fold up sack truck for small vans.