Sack Trucks, Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Sack Trucks and Sack Barrows. Our sack trucks really are heavy duty, and unlike most alternatives you'll find online, all our sack trucks have been professionally tested to the rated capacity. So no more cheap silver wheels braking, minimise bearing popping and displacement, and rest assured when it says 300 kg it will take 300 kg.

Because our heavy duty range is modular, you can pick and choose whichever parts you want for your sack truck. If you want to find out more about our modular design, you can see our Ultimate Heavy Duty Sack Truck Guide here.


This trolley mounted document holder is designed for easy storage of pick notes, documents, or files. A simple solution that lets you keep your hands free and still bring all the necessary paperwork with you when moving loads. The bag is constructed from a durable material that's also lightweight. The standard sized bag is designed to store large volumes of paper, and the simple Velcro straps can loop around almost any trolley, but fit perfectly on the rear of our HI-1890 range sack barrows.

Buying Sack Trucks? Use the code DOCBAG at checkout when you order 6 or more sack trucks from our 1890 or Magliner ranges and receive a free document holder for EVERY TROLLEY!

The bags are also available in a range of colours with branding and custom print options. Looking to add your own branding? Contact the team today!

Item Measurement
Size A4
Colour Black
(Ex VAT)

Trolleys Made to Your Specification

Handle-iT offers a design and manufacture facility in our own factories here in the southwest, where we can manage the whole process.

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