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The pipe and long lengths trolley is designed for moving long lengths of wood, plastics such as PVC pipe, or metals such as steel and aluminium. Moving pipes, bars, and slates can be awkward to move as when the load is bundled together everything starts to fall out of the centres, the ends can begin to splay, or the loads can start to sag, all of which can cause damage to your stock.

Moving and Storing Lengths with a Pipe and Long Lengths Trolleys

The simple mobile bar rack enables the loads to be supported, with the 1200mm base loads up to 3600mm can be handled, or with 1500mm base load up to 4500mm can be achieved, or with the 2000mm length base you can take full 6mtr lengths, meaning the Christmas tree trolley will take 99% of the long length industry need to deal with.

Partitioning Materials Ready for Production with a Pipe and Long Lengths Trolley

The pipe and long lengths trolley can be used to partition material styles on the different branches of the trolley, allowing greater control for picking or feeding production. Cut length can be segregated preproduction ensuring the production staff are as efficient as possible, minimising wrong picks or incorrect materials being added at the wrong rime or in the wrong place, reducing error rates and increasing efficiency.

Improving Workplace Safety and Efficiency with a Pipe and Long Length Trolley

Whenever we look to design product, we are always extremely keen to ensure they add an efficiency edge to your workspace, but with everything we do, safety comes first. This trolley will stop the trip risk from handle these awkward loads, as well and the wrists and shoulders injuries struggling with awkward loads, whist reducing over all efforts from the arduous days work. The load is elevated to a more ergonomic working height than a regular flatbed trolley, reducing strain caused by reaching downward. Additionally, the load sits on top of two arms rather than directly onto the bed of the trolley, meaning the load can be picked up from beneath rather than adjusting the load to a comfortable position before picking it up.

Industrial Blue (RAL 5010)
Chassis Material:
Wheel Diameter:

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HI-FBT-1260-CTT 1200mm x 600mm 20kg In Stock £429.00
HI-FBT-1575-CTT 1500mm x 750mm 20kg In Stock £629.00
HI-FBT-2010-CTT 2000mm x 1000mm 20kg In Stock £949.00

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