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Our Sack Truck with Lattice Back features an ergonomic handle that provides additional support for your product and keeps the load away from the operators hands. The sack truck is part of our Heavy Duty "Truck-iT" Sack Truck Range.

Sack Trucks Designed For Industrial Use

This sack truck comes with a 20mm solid steel axle for additional strength. This is a brute of a sack truck, and it suitable for anything you can throw at it. It can be supplied on either standard air-filled tyres, or on our puncture-proof polyurethane wheels for reduced cost and maintenance. With an overall height of 1170mm and a width of 560mm, this sack truck offers fantastic overall stability, strength and reliability and will cope with all the day to day rigours of an industrial days work.

Modular Steel Design

The sack truck frame consists of three main parts and any part of the sack truck can be swapped out and replaced if your requirements change, saving you from buying a whole new sack truck and meaning you can design your truck to meet your exact requirements. Need taller back support? Why not check out the A Handle? Need a more solid back to support smaller items? Why not check out the Mesh Back?

Safety Yellow (RAL 1003)
Chassis Material:
Wheel Diameter:
Item Weight:
19.7KG - 32.35KG

Product Maintenance

Product Code Wheel Type: Footplate: Weight: Current Stock: Price (Ex. VAT)
HI-42N-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 250mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £109.00
HI-43N-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 350mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £119.00
HI-44N-PN Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 450mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £124.00
HI-42N-PU Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 250mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £144.00
HI-43N-PU Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 350mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £149.00
HI-44N-PU Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 450mm x 450mm Footplate 19.7kg In Stock £154.00

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