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HI-POW-DSM-2612 In Stock £11,880.00

Data Server Racks are a growing industry and with online services showing no sign of slowing, and data centres are expanding to keep pace with this.

Therefore, there is a constant requirement to install, remove and relocate data server racks.

As the density of server racks increases so does their overall weight, and the challenge of safely and securely moving the racks in and out is even greater.

The Data Server Rack Mover is specifically designed to tackle this challenge, with minimal risk of equipment damage and no associated manual handling risks.

Raise and Lower Under Complete Control

The Data Server Rack Mover uses a hydraulic cylinder combined with a powerful 1600W motor to gently raise and lower the server rack under complete control.

Power at your Fingertips

Fitted with a Thyristor speed control, the more pressure you apply to the throttle the faster the trolley will move. Reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly, unlike historic transistor control, which steps up and down with speed increases and decreases, jolting the expensive your relatively fragile pieces of equipment, allowing total control at all times. For even greater control, the trolleys control unit also features an adjustable speed limiter which allows the user to reduce or increase the power of the thumb throttle to deal with the narrow hallways with tight hallways or to give you that extra bit of power when the path ahead is clear. Furthermore, if that is not enough control the micro processor allows all setting to be adjusted to suit, acceleration, automatic braking ferocity, maximum and minimum speeds.

Ample Power

The 24v power system has more than enough capacity for a whole day’s work of moving racks. Allowing this unit not only to be limited to server racks, but industrial vending system, switch gears, control panels and all those big ugly freight items. Tilt the load back, to enable safe a secure transit through doorways or under ducting. Place equipment in those normally difficult to reach location for instance those car parking areas with lose ground conditions, where the addition power in the 24v system, will allow the unit to traverse what is normally difficult terrain.


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