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We understand the importance of both productivity and health and safety, so why would we expect you to be moving heavy loads up hills and down dales when we have the power to help you? Power assisted trolleys are essential in some environments, and with a Handle-iT Electric Powered Flatbed Trolley you are in total control!

What is an Electric Powered Trolley?

Powered trolleys are an increasingly popular form of trolley that feature an electric powered drive motor. Designed to practically eliminate any form of potential strain caused by pushing a regular trolley, the powered trolley can be moved with the press of a button or the push of a throttle without the need for physical force from the operator. Powered trolleys also often feature a range of safety features, allowing them to go above and beyond any health and safety measures.

Power at your Fingertips

Fitted with a Thyristor speed control, the more pressure you apply to the throttle the faster the trolley will move. Reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly, allowing total control at all times. For even greater control, the trolleys control unit also features an adjustable speed limiter which allows the user to reduce or increase the power of the thumb throttle to deal with the narrow hallways with tight hallways or to give you that extra bit of power when the path ahead is clear.

Prioritise Safety

With safety in mind our powered trolley is fitted with a 'deadman' braking system.  When the throttle is released, the brakes are eased on and the wheels locked, bringing the trolley to a gentle stop. This braking system prevents the trolley from moving when there is no operator at the controls. There is also an emergency stop button mounted on the controller designed for a far more immediate stop. Both these systems can also be customised by our electronics team to meet your requirements , such as the deadman braking made far harsher or immediate, or the emergency stop made slightly lighter to reduce risk of damage to the load.

Bespoke Modifications

As our powered trolleys are manufactured by us right here in the southwest of England, they can be made to meet your exact requirements. We have an ever-expanding range of optional extras available, but if you require adjustments to the size, materials, design, finish, wheels, or more, contact the team on 01803 875 222 or at Sales@Handle-iT.com. For more information, take the link to our Powered Trolleys info page,

Powered Trolley Training

We are now offering on-site powered trolley operation training for anywhere in the UK. Training for groups of up to 6 people starts at £360 per day, plus travel/accommodation expenses. To arrange training, please contact sales@handle-it.com, or call +44 (0)1803 875 222.

Bed Length:
1200mm / 1500mm
Bed Width:
600mm / 700mm / 800mm
Motor Wheels:
2x 254mm Pneumatic Tyres
Rear Wheels:
2x 200mm Swivel Castors with Black Crumb Rubber Wheels
Chassis Warranty:
5 Years
Electronics Warranty:
12 Months
Overall height:
Handle Height:
Base Height:
Chassis Material:
Base Material:
18mm Weather & Boil Proof Ply
Safety Yellow RAL 1003
The standard Power trolley covers all ‘non-wearing’ parts on the chassis for up-to 5 years, and electronic parts for up to 12 months. Damage caused by vandalism, lost items, water ingress, contamination or improper use is not covered by this warranty. See our Warranties page for more information.

Product Maintenance

Wheels and Castors PASS FAIL
Is the tyre tread condition good?
Are there any tears or cracks in the surface of the tyre?
Wheel Hub/Core
Are nuts & bolts on cores tight?
Are wheel cores in good condition without chips, dents, cracks or buckles?
If steel, is there any rust or corrosion?
Wheel Bearing
Is there any sign of rust on bearings?
Are the bearings straight into the hub?
Is there excess play in the bearing?
Do the wheels roll smoothly?
Are all foreign bodies removed from the bearings?
Pneumatic Tyres
Are the tyres fully all inflated equally and at the recommended tyre pressure?
Is there any wear on valves?
Are all valve caps in place?
Are there any bulges?
Castor Mounted
Are the castor forks straight?
Are there any scratches or dents in the metal?
Is there any rust or corrosion?
Is the main axle bolt secure and free of rust?
Are the four bolts that affix the castor to the frame firmly secured and free of rust?
Are the nuts on any bolts secure and free of rust?
Grips and Handles PASS FAIL
Is the handle rust fee?
Are there any cracks or visible damage to any welds?
Is there excessive play in the handle?
Is the handle free from any significant dents, or deep scratches?
Are there any bends in the handle not present at point of manufacture?
Are the grips fixed or tightly on the truck?
Is the any damage to the grips, splits or crack that may worsen over time?
If the grips have knuckle guards are they intact?
Frame and Chassis PASS FAIL
Is the frame and chassis free from rust and excessive imperfections?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins free from rust?
Is the frame and chassis free from buckles?
Are there any dents, chips or tears in the frame?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins in place?
Base Platform
Is the fill material (board, plastic, steel) still present and in good condition; free from rust, rot or damage?
Are the corner spigots present, and firmly secured?
Do the corner spigots still have the retaining tabs on the bottom?
Where fitted, are endcaps still present and undamaged?
Removable Parts PASS FAIL
Corner Posts
Where fitted, are the corner posts secure without excessive wear?
Are the corner posts free from rust, dents or deep scratches?
Are the corner post channels straight, free from rust and free from damage?
Side Panels
Are the side panels still straight?
Is there excessive play in the side panels when fitted?
Are there any dents, signs of rust or deep scratches present in the frame for the side panels?
If using mesh side panels, are there any signs or rust or corrosion?
If using mesh side panels, are there any breaks or damage to the welds?
If using plastic side panels, is the plastic still in good condition without cracks or breaks?
If using plastic side panels, are all rivets still present and free from rust or damage?
Powered Components PASS FAIL
General Operation
Is the warning beep correctly sounding while in reverse?
Is the emergancy stop functioning correctly?
Is the speed control functioning correctly?
Is the trolley moving smoothly, both forward and in reverse?
Electrical Fault Indicator
Is the LED on the control unit steady? If not, this may indicate an electrical fault. Check the HI-POW operation manual for more information.
Powered Trolley Battery
Is the unit charging correctly?
Is the battery correctly secured?
Is there any sign of battery leaks?
Powered Trolley Optional Extras
Are the beacons functioning correctly?
Does the warning bell/buzzer function correctly?
Corner Bumpers
Are corner bumpers mounted securely?
Are mounting rivets still intact and without sharps?
Are mounting rivets free of rust?
  • 5

    Posted by Eli Hobbs on 16th Sep 2022

    Fantastic Trolley! Five Stars!

  • 5
    Excellent Trolleys

    Posted by H. Drew on 20th Jun 2022

    These trolleys have helped to significantly reduce operator fatigue around our main site in Cornwall, and are perfect for our needs. Thank you Daniel and team for all your help!

  • 5
    Initially Sceptical

    Posted by F. Smith on 26th May 2021

    I didn’t believe initially that this was needed, or would bring value to our business. However, we have had this cart on site now for over six months, I’m very impressed by the build quality and attention to detail in the design, particularly the rounded corners, and the thought that has gone into the ergonomics. The initial sales patter suggested all the benefits we would get which again I didn’t believe. However, this cart, now carts are indispensable, the sales patter regarding the effectiveness of staff in the final element of shift patterns is so true, we have seen a 32% uplift in productivity with picking in the final two hours of out 12 hors shift pattern, we’ve seen a reduction in staff days off which I now strongly believe is down to the reductions in fatigue, we always have worked our teams hard, now we are working them more efficiently, Thanks Kelly, Lydia and Daniel.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by S Wood on 24th Oct 2020

    Controls feel great, would recommend to anyone moving heavy loads.

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HI-POW-FBT-1260 1200mm x 600mm 45kg In Stock £2,944.00
HI-POW-FBT-1270 1200mm x 700mm 45kg In Stock £3,094.00
HI-POW-FBT-1280 1200mm x 800mm 45kg In Stock £3,244.00
HI-POW-FBT-1560 1500mm x 600mm 45kg In Stock £3,394.00
HI-POW-FBT-1570 1500mm x 700mm 45kg In Stock £3,544.00
HI-POW-FBT-1580 1500mm x 800mm 45kg In Stock £3,694.00

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