Keypad Locking Powered Trolley for The Royal Oldham Hospital

Handle-iT was recently approached by The Royal Oldham Hospital with a request for a bespoke powered trolley. The trolley in question needed a keypad locking system, which prevented the trolley from being operated until the operator entered the correct keycode.

Powered Trolley with Keypad Activation

After some testing and a few weeks in production, handle-it produced just that, with a bespoke 2 tier trolley and a fitted keypad. After entering a security pin code, the trolleys motor system would become enabled and allow full use of the control system. 

powered trolley keypad

Additionally, the two tier trolleys' side panels were upgraded to a set of removable solid folded sheet steel sides, similarly used in our turntable trolleys. The removable sides allowed easier access to the load platforms, but also allowed removal to fit loads that were too long or too wide for the standard size.


If you're interested in bespoke modifications such as this integrated keypad system or more, contact the team or visit our made to order page today! You can also see more details on powered trolleys here, or even view our powered trolley optional extras here.

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