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This secure records trolley is motorised, giving you the power to move up to 500kg with the push of a button.

Security and Safety

We understand the importance of both productivity and health and safety, moreover the importance of security while transporting sensitive data. Our Powered Secure Record Trolleys has all the answers, mounted on a sturdy welded construction frame which can be bespoke fabricated to the size to fit your own totes or record boxes. The standard pad lock can be upgraded to key, swipe card, or even keypad entry to ensure total security, while options such as drop down half hinged faces stop operators stooping and bend to retrieve the loads.

Power Under Your Control

With a Handle-iT Powered Trolley you are in total control! Fitted with a thyristor speed control, the more pressure you apply the faster the trolley will move, reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly. With safety in mind our powered trolley is fitted with an emergency 'deadman' brake; if the emergency button is depressed the trucks power system will disengage. A manual speed limiter on the handle interface, as well as fully programmable performance through the Curtis control unit. The High Capacity 24 Volt Battery provides up to 15 km range, coupled with a simple 3 pin 13amp on board charging unit which is fully automatic, allows you to charge the truck anywhere.

Extras and Upgrades

Take your pick from an ever growing range of additional extras such as rain covers, amber safety strobes, audible warnings, twin batteries, battery change trolleys, choice of colours including Hi-Vis Yellow, Orange, White and Black, as well as colour matching facilities to keep you brand inspiration.

For more information and details on additional extras, take the link to our Powered Trolleys info page. Or Call Our Experienced Helpful Sales Team on 01803 875222

Powered Trolley Training

We are now offering on-site powered trolley operation training for anywhere in the UK. Training for groups of up to 6 people starts at £360 per day, plus travel/accommodation expenses. To arrange training, please contact sales@handle-it.com, or call +44 (0)1803 875 222.

Chassis Warranty 5 Years
Electronics Warranty 12 Months
Chassis Material:
Overall Height:
Handle Height:
Base Height:

There is no maintenance checklist for this product.
If you have any questions regarding care, please contact us.

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