Single Side Panel for Flatbed/Platform Truck

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This single side panel is designed to fit our standard range of flatbed trolleys and platform trucks. Available to fit 600mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm lengths, these side panels can be used to fit any standard trolley width or length when accompanied by a channelled handle. These sides are also available in multiple styles, including the standard steel mesh, an 18mm weatherproof ply, or a high impact polyurethane. If you are unsure of the correct size for your trolley or require a bespoke size, please contact the team.


Item Measurement
To Fit HI-36-FBT Range
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Colour Standard Blue

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Product Code Material Size Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP060 Standard, Steel Mesh 600mm £79.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP075 Standard, Steel Mesh 750mm £99.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP100 Standard, Steel Mesh 1000mm £119.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP120 Standard, Steel Mesh 1200mm £154.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP150 Standard, Steel Mesh 1500mm £189.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-MSP200 Standard, Steel Mesh 2000mm £219.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY060 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 600mm £54.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY075 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 750mm £89.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY100 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 1000mm £109.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY120 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 1200mm £119.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY150 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 1500mm £144.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLY200 18mm Weatherproof Ply Boarded Side 2000mm £189.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS060 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 600mm £109.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS075 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 750mm £144.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS100 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 1000mm £164.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS120 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 1200mm £209.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS150 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 1500mm £244.00
HI-36-FBT-SP-PLS200 High Impact Polyeurothane Side 2000mm £274.00


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