Industrial Flatbed Trolley
750kg Capacity

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Product Details


Our Industrial 750kg Flatbed Trolley uses our classic heavy duty platform truck design and comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Part of our flatbed trolley range, the Industrial Flatbed Trolley has also been upgraded for our Premium Plus range to feature a high quality phenolic board base to provide a sleek and impact resistant platform, as well as an upgrade to high quality elastic rubber resilex castors, ensuring a smooth ride and increasing the capacity of the trolley to 750kg.

Quality Design and Manufacturing

Constructed using the latest laser cutting facilities, the frame is made from one single piece of high quality box section steel. This drastically improves the overall strength of the frame compared to simple angle iron alternatives whilst making the corners rounded so as not to hurt ankles or your premises if bumped into. These corners can also be fitted with non-marking rubber corner bumpers to make the trolley even safer providing even more protection for any surface in the even of potential accidental impact.

Finished in a premium damage resistant powder coat, the trolley has an industrial and professional look while being resistant to damage in harsher environmental conditions. The handle of the trolley is also aligned to a safe working height, and is angled away from the base of the trolley to ensure easy and ergonomic use at all times.

What is a Flatbed Trolley?

Flatbed trolleys are an incredibly common trolley that, as the name suggests, features a large flat bed for loading goods onto. Frequently found in warehouses and bulk stores, the flatbed trolley is incredibly versatile due to the abundance of space on the platform and lack of limiting elements such as side panels. The wheels of a flatbed trolley are most commonly mounted in castors, allowing many options when it comes to changing the way the trolley handles. Fixed wheels at the front and swivel wheels at the rear is the most common wheel configuration for day-to-day use. The fixed wheels ensure the trolley only moves in the direction the trolley is aimed, and avoid the crab-crawling issues created by using 4 swivel wheels such as that of a shopping trolley.



HSE Guide to Manual Handling at Work

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Item Measurement
Capacity 750 kg
Overall Height 990 mm
Base Size Options 1200mm x 600mm / 1500mm x 750mm
Base Height 296 mm
Wheel Diameter 200 mm
Wheel Type Resilex Elastic Rubber
Wheel Configuration 2 x Fixed, 2 x Braked Swivel

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Product Code Bed Size Corner Bumpers Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-FBT-1260-PP 1200mm x 600mm No Corner Bumpers £259.00
HI-FBT-1260-PP-CB 1200mm x 600mm With Corner Bumpers £274.00
HI-FBT-1575-PP 1500mm x 750mm No Corner Bumpers £349.00
HI-FBT-1575-PP-CB 1500mm x 750mm With Corner Bumpers £364.00

Product Maintenance

Wheels and Castors PASS FAIL
Is the tyre tread condition good?
Are there any tears or cracks in the surface of the tyre?
Wheel Hub/Core
Are nuts & bolts on cores tight?
Are wheel cores in good condition without chips, dents, cracks or buckles?
If steel, is there any rust or corrosion?
Wheel Bearing
Is there any sign of rust on bearings?
Are the bearings straight into the hub?
Is there excess play in the bearing?
Do the wheels roll smoothly?
Are all foreign bodies removed from the bearings?
Castor Mounted
Are the castor forks straight?
Are there any scratches or dents in the metal?
Is there any rust or corrosion?
Is the main axle bolt secure and free of rust?
Are the four bolts that affix the castor to the frame firmly secured and free of rust?
Are the nuts on any bolts secure and free of rust?
Grips and Handles PASS FAIL
Is the handle rust fee?
Are there any cracks or visible damage to any welds?
Is there excessive play in the handle?
Is the handle free from any significant dents, or deep scratches?
Are there any bends in the handle not present at point of manufacture?
Frame and Chassis PASS FAIL
Is the frame and chassis free from rust and excessive imperfections?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins free from rust?
Is the frame and chassis free from buckles?
Are there any dents, chips or tears in the frame?
Are all fixings, nuts, bolts, slit pins, washers, roll pins in place?
Base Platform
Is the fill material (board, plastic, steel) still present and in good condition; free from rust, rot or damage?
Are the corner spigots present, and firmly secured?
Do the corner spigots still have the retaining tabs on the bottom?
Where fitted, are endcaps still present and undamaged?
Corner Bumpers
Are corner bumpers mounted securely?
Are mounting rivets still intact and without sharps?
Are mounting rivets free of rust?


Product Warranty

Handle-iT's Industrial Flatbed Trolley | 750kg Capacity is supplied with a 5 Year Warranty

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