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Explorer Range

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The Stainless Steel Luggage Trolley is the head of Handle-iT's Explorer Range of stainless steel airport luggage trolleys. Constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel and mounted on 4 independent steering castors, the trolley is extremely durable while ensuring high manoeuvrability and ease of use around your facility.

These Luggage trolleys, although most commonly found at airports, are also popular in other service industries such as ports, train stations, and hotels. Thanks to their stacking design, the trolleys can easily stack inside one another to make movement and management of the trolleys easier as well as take up less storage space when not in use.

Supplied as standard with a "Reverse Brake" or "Dead Man Brake" the handle needs to be depressed for the trolley to move. The self-adjusting braking system is designed provide reliable and consistent use, and utilises a heavy duty steel braking rod to ensure a long life.

With 4 individual advertising panels, this cart can also become a source of revenue by providing space to either promote your own services, or a constantly moving marketing space that is forever being handled by customers. 

If you require additional information please contact the sales team on 01803 875 222 or email sales@handle-it.com


Overall Height:
Wheel Diameter:
125mm / 150mm
Wheel Configuration:
2x Fixed, 2x Swivel
Base Length:
Base Width:
Stainless Steel

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