Powered Trolleys

At Handle-iT we understand the importance of both productivity and health and safety, so why would we expect you to be moving heavy loads up hills and down dales when we have the power to help you? Power assisted trolleys are essential in some environments for safely moving heavy loads and are becoming increasingly common in workplaces as safety standards rise. Should you be using powered trolleys? Risk assess a few simple questions and the answer will be obvious. 

  • Are loads being moved on a constant basis?
  • Are the loads in excess of 300kg?
  • Are trolleys being operated over uneven surfaces or gradients?
  • Are there staff with disabilities operating trolleys?
  • Are operators fatigued by arduous shift patterns?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a powered trolley might just be exactly what you need. 

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Intuitive Control System

You are in total control, with thyristor speed control, the more pressure you put on the speed control the faster the trolley will move, reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly. A simple key ignition prevents the trolley from being operated without a key, giving that little extra security. The control unit is also fitted with a battery discharge indicator as standard to avoid ever unexpectedly running out of charge.


Powered Trolley Control Unit



Go Beyond Safety Standards

Fitted with a 'deadman' brake in case of the operator releasing a moving trolley, and an emergency stop button which disengages the trucks power system when depressed. These brakes also work on inclines, so if any incident pulls the user away from the trolley, the brakes will prevent the trolley from running away down the hill.

For even more finite control the Trolley-Power Range is fitted with a maximum and minimum speed setting allowing the operator to set the speed before moving, and an audio reverse alarm for safer manoeuvring backwards. For additional comfort and to reduce fatigue on the operator, these units are fitted with comfi-grip foam padded handles. There are also upgrades available such as amber beacons or rubberised bumpers for that extra layer of safety. Moving your trolley has never been easier, and has certainly never been safer.

Powered Trolley with Amber Warning BeaconsAmber Beacons

Increase Employee Efficiency

If you can not argue the point for the necessity on health and safety grounds, then productivity benefits will. Rather than using a great deal of energy to shift items, with a power trolley heavy loads can be moved with only the push of a thumb.

Motorised platform trucks and trolleys reduce the fatigue endured by operators working hard and long shifts. It's a well known fact that fatigue will make an employee 69% less productive than workers who are not worn out. With these workers losing up to 5.5 hours per working week in productivity, this would cost (on the minimum wage for a 21 year old) over £1500 per year.

Two Tiered Power TrolleyPowered Cage Trolley with Shelves

Easy, Hassle-Free Charging

With our Powered Trolley Easycharge system, all you need is access a standard wall socket. Tucked away in a handy on-board storage compartment you'll find a simple charge pack ready to go. As standard, the charger comes with a regular 3-pin UK wall socket, but this can be replaced with almost any mains power socket.

Powered Trolley Charger Unit

Bespoke Powered Trolleys To Suit Your Workplace

The HIPOW Powered Trolley system can be fitted to almost every trolley in our made to order range and maintain a 500kg UDL capacity. Looking for a powered shelf trolley to increase the efficiency of your pick and pack teams? What about an adjustable height lift table? What about a bunded cradle for liquids? An integrated weighing platform? Almost anything is possible. Ask the team about bespoke trolleys today and we'll help you find the perfect solution.

More About Bespoke Powered Trolleys

Bespoke Powered Trolley for Mcvities

Seriously Heavy Duty

We design all our trolleys to be the best they can be, but our new 1000kg HIPOW motor means the powered trolley range just got BIGGER. Designed for when 500kg just wont cut it, this 1000kg motor uses chunkier 400mm Big Mumma wheels, originally designed for our turntable range. With wheels this large, the trolley has to operate using a turntable mechanism, however the standard bed can still be fitted with a variety of sides as standard, but can also be modified further to include attachments such as cradles, shelves, lockable lids, and whatever else you can imagine. 
1000kg Powered Turntable Trolley

Powered Trolley Covers

Looking for another way to add another layer of protection to your shiny new powered trolley? What about another way to identify your trolleys, promote your brand, or even offer advertising space? Custom fitted powered trolley covers are a great addition to any trolley operated in public or outside. Made using heavy duty tarpaulin, these covers provide great protection from the elements. Custom printing is also available, letting you add whatever designs you want to the sides of the trolley.

Coca Cola Branded Power Trolleys

Security At Its Best

Transporting a load with high value or of a sensitive nature? Look towards our range of secure, locking powered trolleys. A locking lid lets you safely secure the contents of the trolley, and is available with a simple padlock, key, key card, or even keyless entry. With an opaque side option, onlookers can't see the contents of trolley, adding yet another layer of security. More bespoke options are available, such as an integrated keypad ignition that means the trolley cannot be driven without the right keypad combination, or, fit the trolley with an integrated security alarm system, alerting security teams to danger with the push of a button.

Security Cage Powered Platform Truck

Designed to Last

Made right here in the UK, our powered trolleys are built to an incredibly high standard using modern manufacturing techniques and quality materials. Like many of our trolleys, we often over specify thickness of steel for structural elements to protect against the unexpected, adding extra strength and durability to the trolley and extend its life as long as possible. All our trolleys are QA tested before dispatch, and the powered trolleys are no different. Rigorous testing of the electronics, braking, and control system ensure your trolley arrives fully functional and ready to use. All chassis for the Power-Trolley range come with a 5 year warranty while the power units and drive system are supplied with a 12 month warranty, ensuring peace of mind.

Powered Turntable Trolleys

Extras and Upgrades

If you're looking to get everything you can from your trolley, we also have a range of optional extras that'll add more to your safety, efficiency, and function of the trolley. Simple upgrades like non-marking castors and corner bumpers will help protect workplace floors and walls from marks and damage. Flashing amber safety beacons and warning horns are great for busy workplaces and for using the trolleys amongst the general public, ensuring passers by can see and steer clear of the trolley. Upgrades to the load bed from weatherproof ply to something more substantial such as aluminium checkerplate or sheet steel can provide a tougher platform that is more resistant to wear and tare and easier to clean in the event of spills. Using the trolley outside or by the coast? Specialised water-resistant electronics can be used to better protect against the elements, further extending the life of the trolley.

See more about Power Trolley Extras HERE

Powered Trolley with Corner BumpersPowered Trolley Cover

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