1 Ton Electric Powered Turntable Trolley

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Product Details


This 1 Ton Powered Electric Turntable Trolley is the latest and greatest in out Powered Trolley range. The powered trailer is able to pull up to a ton with the pull of a trigger. 

HIPOW Powered Design

Like all our powered Trolleys, this trolley is installed with an electric motor that is linked to the handle for simple and easy use by the operator. All you need to do is lightly press the adjustable throttle and let the trolley do the work. With chunky 400mm wheels, this powered trolley is tougher than its 500kg little brother, with a UDL capacity of up to 1000kg. 

Industrial Construction

Like so many of our trolleys, the 1 ton powered trolley has a frame made using a single piece of steel box section, ensuring the maximum strength and rigidity and ensuring high resistance to damaged compared to simple angle iron equivalents.

Safety Features

Using the HIPOW controller, the trolley has a number of safety features to ensure safe use of the trolley. The handle controller features a large emergency stop button, allowing the operator to quickly bring the trolley to a complete stop in case of emergency. When the throttle is released, the deadman braking system is activated, locking the motor wheels and preventing the trolley from moving. Pressing the throttle once more disengages the brakes and reactivates the powered drive, reacting to the power from the throttle. Optional extras are also available by way of safety beacons, warning horns, corner bumpers and more, providing you the means to go above and beyond your health and safety requirements.

Side Panels Kits

For better securing of loads, the powered trolley is available with removable side panel kits. These kits fit into the integrated spigots in the frame and can be completely removed to revert the trolley back to its original flat load bed. These spigots can be used for other add-ons such as corner posts, side rails, mounting points, and more.

Trolley Covers

Trolley covers are becoming an increasingly popular extra, adding a lightweight but durable layer of protection from the elements. Covers also offer great branding opportunities, as they can be printed with logos, advertising and branding. This also enables an opportunity for sponsoring of the trolley, with the sponsors branding or logo being mounted on the trolley that is bound to make heads turn.   

Bespoke Modifications Available

As this is a made to order item, this trolley can be modified in any way you need to meet your requirements. For more information, take the link to our Powered Trolleys info page, or contact the team on 01803 875 222 or at Sales@Handle-iT.com

**Please note, images currently shown are of the 500kg capacity version**

Powered Trolleys


Item Measurement
Capacity 1000KG
Bed Length 1500mm / 1800mm
Bed Width 850mm
Wheels 400mm Pneumatic
Chassis Warranty 5 Years
Electronics Warranty 12 Months

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Product Code Bed Size Side Panel Kit Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-POW-T1000-1585 1500mm x 850mm - £7,295.00
HI-POW-T1000-1885 1800mm x 850mm - £7,595.00
HI-POW-T1000-1585-SPK 1500mm x 850mm Removable Folded Sheet Steel Side Panel Kit £7,395.00
HI-POW-T1000-1885-SPK 1800mm x 850mm Removable Folded Sheet Steel Side Panel Kit £7,695.00
HI-POW-T1000-1585-MSPK 1500mm x 850mm Removable Mesh Side Panel Kit £7,395.00
HI-POW-T1000-1885-MSPK 1800mm x 850mm Removable Mesh Side Panel Kit £7,695.00


Product Warranty

Handle-iT's 1 Ton Electric Powered Turntable Trolley is supplied with a 12 Month Warranty for the electronics 5 Year Warranty for the chassis

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