8th Sep 2023

It can be easy to get swept away by the buzz around the idea of camping. However, before getting too excited about your upcoming festival trip, it is important to know how to camp at a festival so that you’re fully prepared.

What do I need to take camping at a festival?

A huge part of preparing for a camping trip is knowing what to bring. If you are the type of person who prioritises comfort when camping, it is advisable that you pick a suitable tent that caters to the amount of people in your group. Often, festival goers will need to pick a tent that is slightly bigger than what they think they need to fit in all of the items they are taking.

When packing, remember to prioritise your hygiene as it might be difficult to find showers or bathing facilities on site. A good tip is to pack travel-size toiletries like a dry shampoo and hand sanitizer so that you don't have to waste space carrying large bottles. You may also need to take the weather into consideration because if it's sunny, you will be required to pack sunscreen or sunglasses. Alternatively, if it is scheduled to rain, it would be wise to take a poncho or an umbrella to protect yourself when you are watching your favourite act.

Do you need a sleeping bag for a festival?

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a festival when you haven't slept properly. Remember to pack items like a sleeping bag or a blow-up mattress to make your sleeping experience a good one. Packing non-perishable food items is also a good idea as it can be difficult to find something affordable to eat on-site.

After you have decided which items you are taking with you, you should plan where you are going to pitch your tent and what layout you are going to have. If you are travelling to the campsite via car, it is wise to pick an area that isn't too far from where you are parking which will speed up the process of packing everything away when you are ready to leave.

How do you make festival camping comfortable?

Of course, you will also need to consider how you are going to get these items to the campsite. That’s where Handle-iT can help. Why not try The Camp King Festival Trolley? It’s ideal for transporting a large volume of gear.

Not only that, its base boasts three times the loading capacity of alternative folding carts and up to five times the weight capacity. Hailed for its puncture-proof wheels, this robust device seamlessly traverses through different types of terrain. A handy tool, The Camp King is also multifunctional because it effortlessly transforms into a chair, and a bed, that can be packed up easily when you’re ready to head home.

Keen to make your camping trip a great experience?

If you want to become an expert at camping at a festival, why not reach out to the expert team at Handle-it and ask about The Camp King Festival Trolley?

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