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Turntable trolley with steel sides and a 1000kg UDL capacity. Mounted on large 400mm wheels, turntable trailers are designed for use on rougher terrains than their platform truck counterparts. The non-slip phenolic board used on the base provides better grip than simple board, as well as being weather resistant and highly durable.

Industrial Chassis

Building on the traditional turntable truck chassis used in the HIT1000 Turntable Trolley, this steel frame uses heavy duty 25mm x 50mm box section as a base, far stronger than the simple angle iron equivalents. The single piece of box section is laser cut and bent into shape, giving a very clean finish with rounded corners and sturdy and ridged frame that is highly resistant to damage. Thick steel supports are used to brace the axles and distribute weight. Finished off with high quality powder coat paint, the trolley not only looks the part, but does the job too. That's why we provide a 5 Year warranty.

Heavy Duty Tyres

Wheels are important on turntable trolleys, being responsible for the ride quality and often being responsible for the limit to load capacity. This turntable truck uses wheels that have been specially developed for turntable trolleys, reinforcing the hub, the bearing, and the tyres on both pneumatic or puncture proof versions.

Bed Length 1200mm or 1500mm
Bed Width 600mm or 750mm
Base Height:
Wheel Diameter:
Wheel Type:
Pneumatic or Polyurethane
Bed Length:
1200mm or 1500mm
Bed Width:
600mm or 750mm

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Product Code Wheel Type Size Stock Price (Ex. VAT)
HI-T1000PP-1260-PN-4MS400 Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 1200mm x 600mm In Stock £619.00
HI-T1000PP-1575-PN-4MS400 Air-Filled Pneumatic Wheel 1500mm x 750mm In Stock £719.00
HI-T1000PP-1260-PU-4MS400 Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 1200mm x 600mm In Stock £649.00
HI-T1000PP-1575-PU-4MS400 Polyurethane Puncture Proof Wheel 1500mm x 750mm In Stock £749.00