Turntable Trailer with Sides
500KG Capacity

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Product Details


Turntable Trailer with removable sides and a 500kg UDL capacity. Easy to use pull-along trailer for rough terrain, featuring an upgraded non-slip phenolic base and removable sides that enables easier securing of loads. 

Heavy Duty Design

This turntable Trailer has been designed for durability, using an industrial quality chassis fabricated using heavy duty steel box section. Mounted on our own specially designed 10 inch wheels, the trolley can take up to a 500kg load. The wheels themselves have reinforced hubs and bearings as well as uprated tyres, available in either pneumatic or puncture proof polyurethane foam.

Loading Bed Sizes

This trolley is available in either 1200mm x 600, for smaller loads, offering greater manoeuvrability and a lighter frame, or in a 1500mm x 750mm size, allowing bulkier loads. As we manufacture these trolleys, bespoke sizes are available when required.

What is a Turntable Trailer?

A turntable trailer, more commonly known as a turntable trolley, is a trolley with a large "turntable" steering mechanism. The mechanism usually consists of two elements, one fixed to the main chassis, and another fixed to the front wheels that can be rotated using a handle. This turns the front wheels of the trolley allowing the trolley to steer, following the user when pulled like a trailer. Some turntable trailers also have towing hitches, allowing them to be pulled by forklifts in areas such as warehouses, quadbikes on farms across rougher grounds, and on heavier duty models other vehicles. The trolleys often have a large platform bed, bringing them into the category of platform trucks and flatbed trolleys.


Item Measurement
Capacity 500KG
Bed Length 1200mm or 1500mm
Bed Width 600mm or 750mm
Base Height 415mm
Wheel Size 254mm
Wheel Type Air Filled / Polyurethane Foam


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Product Code Size Wheel Option Cost Price Ex VAT
HI-PP-T500-1260-PN-SPK 1200mm x 600mm 500kg Air Filled Wheels £544.00
HI-PP-T500-1260-PU-SPK 1200mm x 600mm 500kg Puncture Proof Wheels £574.00
HI-PP-T500-1575-PN-SPK 1500mm x 750mm 500kg Air Filled Wheels £574.00
HI-PP-T500-1575-PU-SPK 1500mm x 750mm 500kg Puncture Proof Wheels £604.00


Product Warranty

Handle-iT's Turntable Trailer with Sides | 500KG Capacity is supplied with a 5 Year Warranty

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