28th Oct 2021

With an ever increasing demand for efficiency in distribution centres and warehouses, getting the right equipment for the job is crucial. We've looked at a few aspects worth considering when selecting order picking trolleys for your site, including capacity, ergonomics, size, and more.

Why Are Order Picking Trolleys Important?

In warehouses and distribution centres where items are picked by hand, a picking trolley can allow a single operator to pick multiple jobs at a time while providing a platform to store and organise items. Picking multiple orders in one trip can greatly cut down on travel time, especially when paired with the right organisation software that allows them to collect multiple items in a single route. Providing a storage system for the items also reduces operator fatigue, allowing them to simply push the load as opposed to lift. At the same time, this also reduces the risk of damage to the products in the event of slips, trips, and falls.

What Kind of Order Picking Trolley Should You Use?

Getting the correct order picking trolley for your workplace can be a challenge, and there is never a one-fits-all solution. Luckily the market is has a huge selection of picking trolleys for a wide range of workplaces.

Order Picking Trolley

If you require an ergonomic and efficient solution, this order picking trolley features easy-access tilted shelves, letting your operators pick into and from the boxes far easier than flat-shelved equivalents. The tilted shelves also allow the operator to quickly load and unload pick boxes on and off the trolley with less effort and strain, increasing efficiency and reducing operator fatigue. Having each box tilted towards the operator also makes viewing the contents of the box easier, which helps minimise pick errors.

Stacking Pick TrolleyStacking Pick Trolley with Pick Boxes

If storage space is limited, these stacking pick trolleys take up minimal room and provide 2 stable platforms for pick boxes or totes. They can even be modified to suit your standard sized pick boxes.

Table Trolley Distribution Trolley

There are plenty of shelf trolleys, tier trolleys, and distribution trolleys available, each with their own niches. Some such as this table trolley also act as a mobile workbench that allows the operator to pick, assemble, and pack an item without the need to move to a secondary location.