What Is A Flatbed Trolley?

3rd Aug 2022

Flatbed Trolleys are a quite common form of transporting larger loads than the likes of a sack truck in a quick and simple manner. With their large flat base and ease of use, you will find them in a variety of industries where objects are frequently moved around large areas. This is especially true in industries with high volume loads, as a flatbed trolley can allow an operator to more than 10 times what they could carry by hand in a single trip. But how could investing in flatbed trolleys help your business? Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Flatbed Trollies.

What Are Flatbed Trolleys?

Flatbed trolleys are a simple yet effective trolley which at its most basic, consists of 4 wheels, a large flat base and a steel frame which includes the handle. Most standard flatbed trolleys can reach a size of 2000mm x 1000mm and beyond, and mounting it on heavy duty castors such Aluminium Center Castors with Polyurethane Tyre tyres can raise the trolleys capacity up to 1500KG. Using a flatbed trolley is as simple loading your desired object onto the base and use the handle to easily push or pull the trolley to your destination. Flatbed Trollies can also be fitted with an electric powered motor for a range of benefits, including increased efficiency and speed, greater control when loaded, safety features such as a Deadman breaking system, all while producing less physical strain to operators when moving the trolley.

How Can Owning a Flatbed Trolley Help You, Your Staff, And Your Business?

Owning a Flatbed Trolley could save time and increase efficiency when transporting loads through a any workplace where transport of products, stock, equipment, or any other physical load is required. With access to handling equipment such as flatbed trolleys, both staff and customers are able to move any load with greater ease over longer distances, with fewer risks to the health and safety of themselves and those around them. Following the correct operating guidelines and safety regulation will greatly reduce the risk of strain or injury to the operator. If you cannot find a suitable product from our standard range, we also offer bespoke handling equipment fabrication. For bespoke enquiries, contact our design team for more information.

How To Safely Use A Flatbed Trolley

While a Flatbed Trolley is a simple piece of kit, as with all handling equipment there are still Health and Safety factors to consider when operating one. Some of these include:

  • Ensure the load does not block the users view while operating.
  • Ensure safe handling and lifting guidelines are followed when loading and offloading the trolley.
  • Ensure the load does not exceed the safe working load capacity.
  • Ensure the load is evenly distributed across all wheels.
  • Ensure frequent maintenance checks are performed on your Flatbed truck to keep it in good condition. For reference, take a look at our Platform Truck Maintenance Sheet.

These are just a few of the health and safety risks necessary to consider when operating any Trolley or Truck, but we always recommend risk assessing your own site, as there are often factors that are unique to each and every site. For more information, check out our Trolley and Platform Risk Assessment.

How To Choose The Right Flatbed Trolley for Your Work Environment

Making sure you are using the right flatbed trolley for your work environment is key to its efficiency. The ground conditions you plan to use it on is quite important to the trolleys effectiveness, as different wheels or chassis configurations can offer different advantages across a wide range of environments. Most Flatbed trolleys are designed for warehouse use, and are optimised for flat, clear warehouse floors. For better ground clearance and a little more stability over rougher surfaces, a Rough Terrain Flatbed Trolley might serve you better for loose and bumpy terrain. For harsher grounds still, look towards our range of Turntable trollies, fitted with larger and chunkier tyres that can deal with mud, sand, snow, and all manner of harsh conditions. Some work environments can be even more demanding, with conditions far more complex than the ground conditions. Trolleys such as the stainless steel flatbed trolleys are always in high demand for environments prone to water and carry a high risk of rust and degradation, or even for upgrades to meet spark proofing requirements for ATEX zoning. Some trolleys may even need specialised castors or paint finishes to deal with chemical spills or high/low temperature environments, or anti-static systems for the manufacturing of electrical components.

Purchasing A Flatbed Trolley That is Right for Your Business

Interested in purchasing your own Flatbed Trolley? Here at Handle-iT, we have a wide range of Flatbed Trolleys available to order. From the Economy range to our Premium Plus trolleys, all are manufactured by us and all can be modified to meet your own specifications. Check out the range today!