A Philippine Good Job June 15 2018, 0 Comments

mactan logo

After a successful visit to the Asia Pacific rim where our Managing Director Daniel Farrar met with potential clients in several countries. The first of the contracts to fulfil delivery of airport trolleys at Mactan-Cebu International Airport early this month just in time for the inaugural presidential opening of a stunning new terminal, carbon neutral and built from stress timbers has now been successfully completed.


Need A Better, Lighter, More Compact Sack Truck For Your Workplace? June 11 2018, 0 Comments

Folding footplate Sack Truck

Need A Better, Lighter, More Compact Sack Truck For Your Workplace?

This Lightweight Folding Toe Sack Truck may be just what you need!

New Folding Toe Sack Trucks June 08 2018, 1 Comment

folding toe sack truck

Our NEW Folding Foot Plate add on can be added to almost any existing model of our standard sack truck range. The folding footplate makes the sack truck extremely versatile, as it keeps it far more lightweight than a solid footplate of the same size, and also makes it far easier to store. The fixed footplate also strengthens and supports the folding plate, adding to the overall capacity to the sack truck

UK Largest Sack Truck Range gets just a little bigger June 06 2018, 0 Comments

gas bottle sack truck

Sack Truck Range Additions 
This month we welcome some new additions to our Traditional Sack Truck range. Two new Sack trucks designed to transport gas canisters, with the addition of a range of new folding Sack Trucks.

With our NEW Gas Bottle Sack Trucks, we have designed a new and improved curved back, and lighter self weight as part of the main frame with the addition of a heavy duty 6mm chain to safely and firmly hold a canister in place during transport. The Sack Truck comes with the option of two different toe plate sizes to suit your load.

Long Load Turntable Trolley for Pack Realisation May 24 2018, 0 Comments

Double Ended Long Load Turntable Trolley

In mid-2016 we were approached by Pack Realisation based in Beaucouzé, France. Pack Realisation was having problems with moving long lengths of extruded aluminium that were up to 6 meters long...

Bespoke Powered trolley. March 13 2018, 0 Comments

Handle-iT Powered Trolley

Click on the link below to view a quick video of one of our bespoke electric powered trolleys from the HI-POW range. This one has been made to accommidate a large flightcase for the transportation of large electronic components that are used in our customers industry leading power supplies and convertors. Our customers products are used in applications of voltages up to 500 KiloVolts and power up to 120 KiloWatts such as medical imaging and security screening. It was important that the trolley could carry loads up to 500kg while keeping the components free from static discharge and vibration. Our trolley perfectly meets the customers requirements while reducing manual handling and the risk of damage to the components during transport..

View the video here:

Improved Efficiency & Reduced Risk of Injury! March 06 2018, 0 Comments

A quick demonstration of one of our bespoke Electric Powered Tow Tug; designed and built for a local care home to transport laundry around the site, reducing manual labour for increased efficiency and reducing the risk of employee injuries:

View the Youtube Video here:

Virtual Reality to Reality - Bespoke design service February 09 2018, 0 Comments

Handle-it cylinder trolley

We were recently contacted by the NHS to design a bespoke trolley for the safe transportation of gas cylinders. The trolley needed to carry a total of thirty-two ZX cylinders of various medicinal analgesic / anaesthetic gases, each weighing 14kg. The trolley needed to routinely carry loads in excess of 420kg over variations of ground conditions, be manoeuvrable enough to get around hospital corridors and hospital porters need easy access to load and unload cylinders while minimising lifting.

To fit all the above requirements the trolley was designed around 50*25mm box section steel that allows the trolley to have exceptional strength while having a relatively low self-weight. A turntable steering system was incorporated that allows better control and manoeuvrability when compared to swivel castors’. We selected 40cm solid Polyurethane wheels’ that will never get a puncture, are harder wearing then standard pneumatic tyres, support a ton in weight and provide a degree of shock absorption to cope with the varying ground conditions. We designed fold down ramps and an easily removeable crossbeam; allowing the cylinders of gas to slide on and off the side of the trolley thus increasing efficiency and reducing manual handling.

Baggage Trolleys Supplied to Forther Ports January 08 2018, 0 Comments

Trafficker baggage trolley

Handle-iT are pleased to supply Forth Ports with our Trafficker baggage trolleys. Forth Ports are a dynamic UK-based multimodal ports owner and operator. Their ports are strategically positioned to serve as logistical gateways across the UK. Forth Ports owns and operates eight commercial ports on the Firth of Forth, the Firth of Tay and the Thames: Tilbury (London)GrangemouthDundeeLeith (Edinburgh)RosythMethilBurntislandKirkcaldy.

The Trafficker airport trolley has been in service at many ports around the UK since 2008 and has built a solid reputation for it’s solid reliability, low maintenance and high performance. The Trafficker is based on a strong yet lightweight aluminium frame that is produced using the latest manufacturing technologies such as robotic welding that allow for consistent, high quality welds that cannot be matched by traditional techniques. The Trafficker features butterfly brakes that are connected to the handle via a steel bar which provides better braking dynamics, reliability and reduced tyre wear when compared to conventional brakes that are operated by cable.

If you would like more information about our Trafficker or Explorer range of baggage trolleys please contact us via email: or call: 01803 814522

Sponsors of the 2017 Tourism Awards November 13 2017, 0 Comments

Setting Sail! October 24 2017, 0 Comments

We recently received an interesting request from Princess Yachts, one of the world leaders in the design and production of Super Yachts that typically range from two million pounds to tens of millions of pounds. The Brief was to design and manufacture a trolley that could hold and transport materials around the production floor, no big deal you may thinking? But consider that the production materials size, shape, weight and orientation vary wildly. 
Several options were considered but many were vetoed due to weight and manufacturing constraints. We settled on a design that allowed the trolley to accommodate all of the different materials and orientations that Princess had specified plus was light enough for a single operative to move around the production floor whilst comfortably supporting a combined weight in excess of 700kg.

See the Youtube video of the Trolley here:

Handle-iT score a Touchdown! October 20 2017, 0 Comments

handle-it sound trailer

We scored at the Ladies and Gents FA Cup Final and Touched-down at the Super Bowl! Working alongside “Britannia Row Productions” who have been providing solutions for the best sound quality for Decades going back in the days to the height of the Rolling Stones popularity. Handle-iT devised the Sound Cart. These Industrial trailers are carrying 700kg of PA equipment! From the moment the half time whistle blows and the pitch is emptied and out rolls our bespoke designed trailers loaded with the best quality sound system money can buy from JBL.

14 Industrial Trailers were order 4 weeks before Kick Off and from the moment the whistle blew on the deal, we had to produce 3D model the units, Create and get approval on the prototype and have them delivered to site before the Women's FA Cup Final. Delivering the trolleys to Wembley Stadium at 2am on the morning of kick off, within the 6hr time slot we were provided.

Fitted with Brakes, Puncture Proof Wheel, and a “beavers tail” rear end, these things don't only look awesome; they do an awesome job and provide awesome sound!



We're Accredited! September 28 2017, 0 Comments

As part of our policy of continual improvement, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented and achieved ISO9001:2015 accreditation.

Handle-iT are continually striving to improve all aspects of our business to deliver a better experience for our customers. We know that improvements to our internal procedures and processes will lead to enhanced efficiency and better-quality products and services.

Knock Knock, Who's there? September 25 2017, 0 Comments


Handle-iT With A New Fleet of Airport Baggage Carts.

September see's the arrival on time, of a new fleet of Traffic Range Airport Trolleys at Ireland West Airport Knock.

One of Irelands Fastest growing airports with over 3/4 million passengers have selected Handle-iT as their favoured bidder for the fleet renewal, marking the companies steady progression into the European Airport Sector.

With customers in 38 countries over 5 continents, from Australia through to Alaska.  The steady progression of the company under its Owner and Group Operations Director Daniel Farrar, said “After coming a very close second in the bidding for the £2 million fleet replacement at Gatwick earlier this year, some would have seen this as a kick in the teeth and been deflated, however we feel proud and buoyed on by the fact as a small player in a monopolised industry and one that’s been monopolised now for many, many years, pushed all the usual suspects to the wire.  This industry is ready……… no is desperate for new blood that’s focussed on a quality product, backed by devoted customer service, we are ready and eager to take on that challenge.  As the airport sector has grown over the past 20 years, the same old suspects in our field have become complacent, with their service, pricing and product innovation, whereas we are keen, to service, to push the prices down, and to offer a service where the customer feels loved, cared for and as though the customers business is appreciated”

Ireland West Airport Knock are one of the hubs for Ryanair in Ireland, so used to driving down costs, whilst still providing an exemplary service for their customers, flying to various routes in the UK offering businesses quick access to their industry partners helping European businesses run smoothly.  Also with flights into several European Destinations this busy regional airport has seen a fourfold increase in passenger numbers in the past 15 years, and I continually looking to grow alongside its supplier base.

Daniel also added, “This is the 1st European airport we have partnered within 2017, and will be looking to add to this by the end of the year, with lots more in the pipeline for 2018.  It’s a great feeling that a local company here in the South West is making such major advances on the world stage, against major German and French players, it feels at the moment as though our ability to be light and nimble allows us to provide tailored packages including Service and Parts Supply, rather than the off the shelf solutions that are on offer from our bloated competitors.”

Powered Trolley Units - What and Why? June 09 2017, 0 Comments

Perfect for those awkward jobs

In the world of manual handling, sometimes a helping hand is needed. Our powered trolley units come as standard with an electric motor that allows you to control the speed of movement, a safety kill-switch to prevent unwanted accidents and a 1200 x 600mm usable bed area.

However, don't be fooled - this simple bit of kit can be utilised for as many applications as you need, and we are able to custom design a unit to best fit your purpose - whether this is through the addition of shelves, removable sides, a smaller or larger bed, or even a fully mounted security cage clad in mesh and galvanised sheet metal to prevent prying eyes.

We have companies all over the world using our products, most recently of which is EBC Brakes based here in the UK. EBC required a powered trolley to aid in the transport of heavy-items around their shop floors, such as brake components for trucks and other large vehicles.

Based on this requirement, and upon discussion with procurement, we are currently fabricating two powered trolleys with a secondary shelf, with the whole unit rated to carry up to 500kg UDL at a 200/300kg split ( 200kg Top Shelf, 300kg Base ).

If this is something you think your company may need, or would like to discuss options, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be more than happy to help!

Check out our Powered Trolley Unit today:

Custom Fabrication - 4 Sided Mesh Trolley with Additional Support and Wheels June 09 2017, 0 Comments

6 Wheels - When 4 Just Won't Do

We recently had a customer contact us regarding a very specific requirement for a trolley to be used for transporting large, heavy items. We had a look at his requirements, and initially suggested a trolley from our Four Sided Range.

After a look at the trolleys, and the options that were available, the customer decided that he needed something more, so working together with them, we modified the design of a Four Sided Mesh trolley to suit his needs.

Set on a 1500mm x 750mm base, we got to work reinforcing the underside, with extra bracing and a second set of swivel casters based centrally across it's length, and extended the height of the sides to be nearly double the usual measurements.

Whereas the concept was functional, the sides would have proved cumbersome to remove, so we modified them to instead be two panels, halved in height. This makes it far easier to remove them, and allowed the customer the option of using lower sides when the situation may arise.

The next stage is prototyping, all of our products are fabricated by us, here in the UK - once the prototype has been completed, it will be sent off to the customer and any further modifications, or adjustments that he would like can be added for the final run.

Custom Four Sided Mesh 4 WheelsCustom Four Sided Mesh 6 Wheels

Custom Four Sided Underside 4 WheelsCustom Four Sided Mesh Underside 6 Wheels

Pick and Pack Trolleys and Carts November 18 2016, 0 Comments

Pick and Pack Trolleys and Carts

With the internet changing the way every company operates, Handle-iT are spearheading design techniques in pack and pack trolleys and carts. Long gone are the days of a picker trundling around the warehouse consolidation the orders at a packing bench, and waiting for the packing team to do their bit.

Pick and Pack means that small items are packed on the run by the picker operatives, reducing the need of designated packing areas, and the need in some cases for the packers themselves. 

Handle-iT have worked closely with some of the biggest and best know web based companies, and web fulfilment warehouse in the industry, helping maximise pick rates, and pack on the run rates, while reducing pick and pack errors.

"Handle-iT's design team are providing some truly unique solutions to some crazy new problems not experienced in many warehousing situations before, the need to hit an ever increasing numbers of smaller single line orders and less bulk pallet orders, is something that a lot of warehouses are just not geared up for, trying to take "off the shelf" platform trucks and tiered service trolleys to pick 1000's of items per day is just nonsensical, and terribly inefficient". Said Handle-iT's Group Operations Director, Daniel Farrar. "Every company out there work with different methodology, this is what gives them their competitive advantage, every warehouse layout and stock map is different, and product range vary the old adage of "One Size Fits All" just will not work with pick and pack." He added.

We have over 50 years experience in the team, of design and manufacture of cutting edge warehouse logistic and handling products. These are designed to be robust and increase pick and pack rate efficiency, this only comes from bespoke design solutions for bespoke customer warehouse and their operating systems, you just cant rely upon and off the shelf unit, and expect it to slot into the the new web driven ordering systems, that have to be there tomorrow.

Handle-iT have secured two great contracts for pick and pack bespoke design in October, so stay posted for the case studies which we will produce over the coming months, so you can gauge the numbers for yourselves.     




Handle-iT Export Team News June 13 2016, 0 Comments

Handle-iT Recently won the tender to renew the fleet of Airport Trolleys and Cart for baggage at the new terminal at Kasane International Airport in Botswana. Handle-iT CEO Daniel Farrar said "this is a great coupe for us at Handle-iT. This part of industry has been controlled for many years by just a couple on major European Manufacturers, and its a very difficult industry to crack. However with our product being comparable to the major player, and vastly cheaper in cost we hope that there will be many more to come"

The Trafficker Range of Airport Trolleys introduce by Mr Farrar into the UK market some 9 years ago, has had some quality tweaks introduced through the years to ensure that the company was in the right place to start attacking major airport build and refurbishments, and to ensure that the product would be right for the airports.


Mr Farrar added "we have used this style of Airport cart now for many years, and our design and engineering teams have worked closely with the sales team and our UK customer base to ensure that this product remains very competitive, while ensure a great quality product. Changing the material type to a harder based aluminium has been key to the longevity of this product, and now that it has been proven in some of the most arduous facilities available. We have thousands of these carts around most UK sea Ports and with the UK weather giving these carts a really good test, and the results have been very pleasing, and put us in a great position to attack more of the international airport trolley market of the next few years. We are strategically placed with a cheaper product than the Europeans but a better product than the Chinese.

I have discussed at length the plans with Mr Farrar, and the time seems very exciting for this young vibrant company, and i wish them well for the future..

Stainless Steel Trolleys August 19 2014, 2 Comments

With the ever growing necessity for hygiene, and the fast pace of technology meaning clean rooms are springing up everywhere, Handle-iT is ever growing it's Stainless production capacities. So much so that our usually obscure customer requests are now becoming the norm, this means that to offer some of these products in our everyday range is a must.

Its not just a stainless steel trolley............ all fixing, nuts, bolts, rivets, even the castor brackets are stainless steel.........

So you can jet wash it, steam clean it, or whatever you need to put this trolley through it will cope, and to that ends, we put our money where our month is, and give you a three year warranty, excluding the wearing parts. 


So whatever you need, whether it's stainless steel trolleys or aluminium trolleys, let us Handle-iT


Folding Trolley......... made in the UK so no more excuses to buy cheap Chinese Tat July 04 2014, 1 Comment

Folding Trolley, the HI-36-FFB is manufactured using the same high quality manufacturing process and materials as our now world famous Platform trucks Range. Single Piece Laser cut frames, provide unrivalled strength from a remarkable low self weight. With a very simple but effective folding mechanism, without any small springs or components to be lost. Mounted on a choice of either our standard high quality 200mm solid wheels, or a 200mm Pneumatic castor (**not BS-EN compliant**) to help negotiate rougher terrains. Topped with an 18mm weather proof plywood deck, and then finished in a epoxy powder coated frame which is not just very pretty but remarkably durable. As with all our made to order range these are available in almost any colour as well as stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised finish, please talk with your account manager.

Flatbed Trolley

Kan Ban Trolleys or Parts Bin Trolleys July 04 2014, 0 Comments

Kan Ban or Parts Bin Trolleys for use with linbins and plastic boxes perfect for parts picking or production feeding. Strategically sized to maximize th
e storage of all the variations of bins available. Whether you need to stack side by side or front to back, this trolley will maximize the amount of bins to be transported, to assist in reducing time wasted in lean production facilities. the trolley is constructed from 25.4mm tube which offers fantastic strength but a low overall self weight, ensuring minimum effort to move maximum loads, you can reduce this still further by choosing the PU wheel option below, this will provide even less rolling resistance that the standard mounted rubber wheels. Use the trolley to ensure that all elements of your production line are feed and working efficiently. If you have a special requirement, click here and visit our made to order section of our site which will give you some additional ideas of how we can modify this unit, to be perfect for your job.

New Hospital Gas Bottle Trolley April 22 2014, 0 Comments

Hospital Gas Bottle Trolley from Handle-iT, loads into a recessed supporting cage ensuring that even if the trolley is dropped the load with stay safe, and retained inside the trolley.Suitable for ALL Oxygen cylinders up to 260mm diameter with a full steel strap ensuring the locking of the bottle. A beautifully balanced trolley which ensures that heavy bottle are as easy to handle as possible.Perfect for use in hospitals, surgeries, dental practices or where gas bottle movements are frequent or carried out by the fairer sex. Please note that this unit can be manufactured for your choice of gas bottle size if you have something that is not covered by the standard range.

Gas Cylinder Trolley New From Handle-iT April 12 2014, 0 Comments

Gas Cylinder Trolley New From Handle-iT, one of our re-seller customers has asked us to copy an Italian manufactured gas bottle trolley as they loved the product and loved the price, but were fed up with all the Mediterranean holidays and slow manufacturing times. Of course as always we obliged, whoever the customer was shocked when he found out the cost for us to manufacture here in Devon was less the price that he was originally paying in Europe, moreover with the 2 weeks turnaround our factory provided, we had delivered the consignment before the Italian manufacturer had even finished his pasta......... Addio il mio amico.............

Need some Extra Security In the Work Place............... March 26 2014, 0 Comments

Security Platform Truck With Locking Lid, great for moving sensitive documents, cash, or high value product, where you need just that little bit more security. With option on locking mechanisms from a standard pad lock, to a key entry lock, through to key-less entry swipe cards, the level of security is YOUR choice. The fully welded construction means that you would need to literally cut this trolley up to get at the contents. Offered as standard in 2 sizes, however as this is part of the made to order range talk to us if you need to make changes, or visit our made to order trolley pages for more inspiration. If you are looking for a secure trolley, with anti theft devices this is a great starting point.

Need something made to YOUR requirements?

Handle-iT offers a design & manufacture facility in our own factory here at Devon, where we can manage the whole process.

We provide efficient, cost effective, risk reducing results.

Click here for more information

Or call the sales team on +44 (01803) 875 222
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