Our Ultimate Guide to Trolleys and Platform Trucks

13th Jul 2022

Do you know your flatbed trolleys from your platform trucks? We've made this handy guide to help you get the right equipment for the job. There is a huge variety of trolleys available on the market suitable for all kinds of workplaces.

Flatbed Trolleys

As one of the most popular types of trolley, the flatbed trolley has a wide range of uses in multiple industries. Generally, a flatbed trolley can be any trolley with a flat base, but we usually use it to refer to trolleys mounted on 4 castors that feature a low flat base. Occasionally, flatbed trolley is used to refer to a trolley with larger wheels, but we more often refer to these as turntable trolleys.

Platform Trucks

Similar to the flatbed Trolley, platform trucks are generally any kind of trolley with 4 wheels and a platform. However, platform trucks more commonly have sides or other modifications, that may cause them to lose the "flat-bed" of a flatbed. Like flatbeds, platform trucks can also be fitted with deadman brakes which lock the trolleys wheels when the handle is released, immobilising the trolley when no operator is in control. This safety feature is becoming increasingly more popular, on a range of trolleys, and is becoming the norm in workplaces with stricter health and safety regulations.

Turntable Trolleys

As one of the heaviest duty types of trolley, the turntable trolley boasts a high capacity and a great performance over rough ground. If you're looking for a trolley for your yard, or something to move heavy equipment, the turntable trolley is the trolley for you! The trolley features 4 heavy duty axle-mounted wheels and a robust steering mechanism, giving the user maximum control of the trolley when loaded.

Double Sided Trolleys

For moving long or large flat loads, the double sided trolley is a very versatile trolley that enables you to segregate the load into differing types and sizes. This enables more efficiency when picking or storing these awkwardly sized loads. Our Adjustable Double Sided Trolley features adjustable rails that allow the sides to be brought inward, giving the operator greater control over the loads they move.

Balance Trolleys

When moving large loads in confined spaces, or over uneven surfaces, little beats the balance trolley. Due to the load being mostly supported by wheels on a central axle, the balance trolley can pivot on the spot and is extremely easy to control in small areas. As it uses a solid axle, the capacity can also be increased significantly.

Shelf Trolleys

When it comes to general storage, nothing beats a good shelf trolley. Shelf trolleys often come in two sizes each with their own uses. The first is a tall shelf unit, mounted on castors designed to be used as easily moveable storage. These shelf trolleys are often used in mailrooms, or in warehouses and workshops, as they make for easy storage of files or equipment. The second kind is a shorter, more mobile shelf unit also known as a table trolley.

Table Trolleys

Table Trolleys usually feature a platform at about waist level, and are often used either to easily move items at waist height, or are used as a mobile workbench. These trolleys are often mounted on 4 castors for maximum mobility. These table trolley can differ greatly in size, being used for anything from a bedside stand in hospice care, or as large workbenches for assembling huge mechanical components.

Cage Trolleys

Ideal for secure storage, cage trolleys usually feature a secure wire-mesh housing and a locking door or lid. They are ideal to carry loads that aren't uniform, square, or where a product just can not be stacked. For instance footballs, or cast parts, so that the sides of the cage can retain the load. By adding lids, we can make these product into security cages. Extending the height and adding shelves also give us stock and picking cages. The multitude of variations, styles, and and sizes are incalculable.

Airport Luggage/Baggage Trolleys

Don't be fooled by the name, luggage trolleys aren't just for airports. At Handle-iT, we look after 7 of Europe's top ten hotel chains, numerous holiday parks, guest houses, hospitals and hospices, where long stays are expected. This also includes the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, Student Accommodations, as well as industry. The list is limited by only your imagination.

Powered Trolleys

With any of our products, we can offer the ability to attach a motor and create a powered trolley. And as one of the world leaders in Manufacturing powered trolleys, Handle-iT is you perfect partner for all variations of this range. Take a look at our powered trolleys page for more information on all the shapes, styles, and optional features and upgrades available.