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Powered Trolley & Platform Truck - HI-POW Range

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Powered Trolleys & Platform Trucks, as we understand the importance, of both productivity and health and safety, so why would we expect you to be moving heavy loads up hills and down dales, when we have the power to help you........? Power assisted trolleys are essential in some environments. With a Handle-iT Powered Trolley, you are in total control, with thyristor speed control, the more pressure you put on the speed control the faster the trolley will move, reduce the pressure and the speed will reduce accordingly. Fitted with an emergency deadman brake incase of an emergency, if the emergency button is depress the truck power system disengages. For more information, take the link to our Powered Trolleys info page.

Item Measurement
Capacity 500KG
Bed Length 1200mm/1500mm
Bed Width 600mm/700mm/800mm
Handle & Sides Open/ Mesh/ Ply
Colour Yellow as standard or your choice
Wheels 2 x Solid Swivel, 2 x 254mm Pneumatic
Warranty 12 Months

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